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About us

Could you imagine pink pepper or a fruit inside a flower composition? Yet, imagination and love for creation are never missing from STUDIO KOLONAKI in which the high quality and particular elements of nature are combined harmoniously with unique compositions and creations. Every one of our creations is a work of art which can decorate your most important moments and embellish your heart, leaving color and redolence in your loudest memories. We address those who give in to unique classical preferences, but also to those who are charmed by the luster and the duration aroused from every distinct creation.

We give unique still life elements of nature a paramount glow in order to offer vivid and artistic beauty to our bouquet of flowers bearing our signature. The classic taste could not escape our identity as we maintain the same creativity in classical compositions of unique beauty. Our customers’ preference is the most important reward for pushing us further with our highest goal to maintain our strongest advantages such us our unusual compositions of high quality and our attentive prices.

Our Services

Glorify your special moments with our unique creations by adding something “more” into the atmosphere. The compositions we offer increase sensations and bring out feelings of pure beauty. Besides this is our mission… to strengthen your moments.

Home & Art

Our compositions are famous for their uniqueness as they are artistic creations that marry and combine in an elegant and special way unusual elements of nature with high-quality flowers.

Wedding & Events

We undertake the decoration of religious events such as wedding or baptism as well as the decoration of corporate events for unique and unforgettable memories in your hearts and pictures.

Custom compositions / bouquets

Depending on the taste of our client, you, and our years of experience in the field, we propose and create what vision means to us and what living the vision means to you.


What People Say About us

Excellent Ideas

The ideas they propose are excellent and their implementation exceeded my expectations, thank you!

-Karolin A.

Sophisticated Proposals

Sophisticated proposals at affordable prices!

-Stefanos V.

A smiled Service

Best service, always with the biggest smile!

-Matilda S.

Unique Suggestions

Artistic and unique suggestions!

-Katerina P.

Excellent Quality

We worked together for a reception, every detail was meticulous and the quality was excellent!

-Anna T.

Thank You

Our wedding was like a fairytale thanks to Studio Kolonaki!

-Georgia H.

Contact Information

Kapsali 5, Kolonaki, 10674

210 7228740

210 7228741

Lets Get in Touch

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